Domekoto Go Green


Make the difference, Go Green!


We <3 Green, we are proud to say that we are environmentally responsible. We work every day aware of generating the least impact on our environment; we love and care about nature, and we know
we can do a lot to protect it.


We grew up playing around clear rivers and creeks surrounded by forest full of trees and birds; and domekoto want that coming generations can have the opportunity to live and feel that kind of experiences.

We want to encourage our customers and employees to decrease our environmental impact to the minimum.

Domekoto Go Green


Now on servers and data centers can work within a minimum impact, all around the world there are some practices that allow it and domekoto is using this kind of services. Servers with lower power consumption and natural DC cooling technology, servers connected to renewable energy sources like wind energy instead of fossil fuels energy.


Using cloud-based business services which substantially reduce infrastructure costs, setting and support expenses that would involve running such services in-house. Besides using gmail for example is more energy efficient because google distributes its services to many users, instead of using an email service hosted on local servers as having a server in the office. Think about this: is it better to have 10 servers each hosting 100 email accounts or 1000 accounts hosted in a single server.


Right now only a little portion of our services do not run on servers that meet those conditions, but we're working on it because we have to.

Domekoto Go Green


We are aware of the care of the environment, we do not produce any waste like is produced in a typical office environment. We only use a small amount of paper that is reused and recycled; we are continually improving until we reach utter paperless operation.


For us it is simply a way of being, we buy and use products with energy efficiency, and reduced toxicity, packed in eco-responsible materials, and manufactured with minimal environmental impact or made with biodegradable raw materials. We ratter recycled content and reusability.


Even internet is quite helpful on environmental matters; the use of emails and internet fax services instead of printed correspondence reduce the amount of paper trash; conferences via skype or any other service, instead of travel for meetings reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. To download music, books or movies to PC, laptops or mobile devices somehow reduces the impact on the amount of materials and processes used in the manufacture of CDs, DVDs and books.

Domekoto Go Green


For domekoto is also important to help cleaning the environment, consider that a tree inhales 26lb of carbon dioxide per year which makes oxygen, enough for a family of four in a year. Besides trees help to cool the atmosphere and reflect solar radiation back into space; this helps to reduce global warming.


With domekoto you are also doing part of the change, for each invoice generated by domekoto, 1% of this goes for planting trees through entities as plant a billion trees and american forests. For example in a sale of $1.000 at least 10 new trees will be planted. This is part of our commitment to nature and our customers and is much better than doing nothing.

Domekoto Go Green


It is easy to be part of the movement; the first step is to reduce the amount of resources you consume and use, reducing your impact to the environment. You really need that? Or stop consuming it will reduce the amount of trash around? Next time before buying or using something think again.


Ride a bike to work as often as possible. Print on both sides of paper, reuse old printouts by writing on the blank sides. Use public transportation. Like domekoto please be part of the solution instead of the problem.



Reduce, Reuse and Recycle